Intuitive Readings by Linda


I have listed links to the various professionals I have used in my journey. I have also included the link to Vian Sora's website where you can contact her if you are interested in any prints of the original angel drawings she has done for this site. This list will be updated on a regular basis, so please come back often for more information.  Blessings on your journey.

Slade Roberson

Certification for Automatic Intuitive Readings (and lots of other books, articles and other information!)

Recommended course for anyone interested in becoming a Professional Intuitive Reader

Automatic Intuition ™ Professional Intuitive Training Program

Vian Sora

Professional artist -- Original angel drawings and other wonderful paintings

JoAnn Utley

Reiki Master and Teacher -- In person Reiki session

JoAnn Utley, MA, Usui/Karuna Reiki ® Master Teacher  



Ritu Sangwan

Quantum Energy Healing

Bio-Energy Quantum Biofeedback Machine


Suzanne Smith

The Intuitive Connection, LLC


1626 Story Avenue   Louisville, KY  40206

(502) 727-0445



Clairvoyant Medium, Psychic, Reiki Practitioner, Teacher

Doreen Virtue Certified Card Reader
Certified Automatic Intuition Professional (by Slade Roberson) -
Certified Life-force Energy Healer, Deborah King

Click on the following to be taken directly to each site: 

Suzanne's Website - The Intuitive Connection Classes

Suzanne's Facebook         



You Can Heal Your LIfe by Louise Hay

Any of Doreen Virtue's Books or CDs

Abraham Hicks Books

Any of Wayne Dyer Books, Movies, or CDs