Intuitive Readings by Linda





I am speechless!  And blown away!  Your are amazing!  It felt so good to read all this and it made me so happy and connected with the love of God and spirit!  I could feel it open my heart!  This is a true gift you have!  It all felt good and right on track with me!


Jeffersonville, IN

I was so amazed when I received the intuitive reading as it was so on point. I now know that I am on track with my life's purpose. The additional awesome thing I learned was the name of my Spirit Guide and now I can call him by his name. It feels so good to have a reading that is on point with the answers that I needed. Thanks so much.


Oh my God - your reading was dead on!!  I cried reading it because it was so accurate!!  Thank you so much for your time, effort and caring!!



Louisville, KY


I am blown away by the Full Intuitive Reading.  I've already re-read the document 3 times and know that's just the beginning.  Because each time I go over it, more nuggets of insight, wisdom & guidance pop out.  
One of the biggest gifts from this Intuitive Reading is that it has provided me with next-steps on the journey of creating my dream life.  
I would also like to add that your Reiki Sessions are the most powerful I've experienced (and I've received a lot of Reiki over the years!).  Thank you for the work you're doing, Linda!
-Ritu, Brooklyn, NY